On Saturday, June 25, cyclist Lisa Kuhn was struck and killed while participating in the QCBC, peddling for pancreatic cancer ride. Lisa was a 40-year-old mother of two from Muscatine Iowa, who was training for an Ironman event in Michigan. Lisa was hit from behind so probably never even saw the vehicle that struck her. Witnesses on the scene attempted to render first-aid and she was taken to Iowa city hospitals she was pronounced dead.

Visitation will be from 3 to 5 PM Friday, July 1st at Wittich-Lewis funeral home 2907 Mulberry Ave., Muscatine, IA. A memorial fund has been established at the funeral home.

Additionally a go fund me page has been established for Lisa's family at https://www.gofundme.com/2bgax4c

You have likely heard that five cyclists were struck and killed on June 7th in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The news reported that an erratic driver had struck a group of cyclists and then attempted to flee the scene on foot. Five died of their injuries at the scene and four more were hospitalized. I thought about these men and women, and thought if they lived here, they would very likely be our friends, partners our "riding family". These men and women certainly shared the love of the road, the feelings of camaraderie of riding with friends, the sense of adventure when they explored new roads and how great it feels after finishing a ride. Sadly, those times have ended for five. While the others begin to slowly recover from their physical wounds and emotional wounds. Some may never again venture out on their bikes again because of this incident. What can we do for our friends in the Kalamazoo cycling community?

A funding site has been set up to support the victims and their families. If you would like to offer assistance to our sisters and brothers please use the following link. http://www.kalamazoostrongorganization.org/

Besides financial support we can all push for more enforcement of the laws against drunk/drugged driving, distracted driving, speeding and any number of other driving violations that put everyone on the roads, cyclist or motorist, at risk.

Please pray for a quick and full recovery for those injured and for the families of the killed and injured as they suffered too in this tragedy.

Stay safe, Jim Hudson

We really did not know what to expect when volunteering to host bike riders.

It was much more than what we expected. Karen and I have always supported the race going back to when it was held over in Moline. In Moline it really felt like a neighborhood event. The East Village location has brought back that feeling. We have always gone to the race, but to have a connection and someone to cheer for really made us a part of this year's criterium.

The communication from the bike club was great in introducing us to who and when we were going to host. Matt Green (pro division) from Wisconsin was to stay with us Saturday and Sunday. Our primary responsibility was to provide a place to stay and he came prepared with his own meals, tea, etc.

Matt stayed three days & two nights. We got to experience the Criterium from a racer's perspective. He was here as an individual since his team was participating in the American National event (ineligible because he is a British citizen). We learned some of the strategies of team vs. individual riding. He told us of his love of racing the hills, and of his riding in other countries such as Belgium, France, and Canada.
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On Sunday morning, Matt wanted to go for an hour bike ride to loosen up and asked if I would like to go along since I also enjoy biking. The ride could not have been more fun and interesting. As I tried to just keep up and not embarrass myself. We talked about his background, family, and even how he planned to race that day.

Karen and I had never gone to Muscatine to watch a race, but because of this personal connection, we decided to make the drive. To watch someone you feel you know go 40 times around and up and down steep hills of Weed Park was unbelievable.

On Monday we met our friends like we always do at the turn on top of the hill. We were a proud host family telling our friends about Matt Green. When the race started some our friends were yelling for Matt as it they knew him. We walked up and down the course cheering him on. Matt took the lead a couple of times and when he took the lead with 5 laps to go - we went crazy! Unfortunately, the field caught up to him and I believe he came in around 15th

That evening Matt came back to the house to clean up and go back to Wisconsin. We had pizza and a beer and discussed the great race he had in the East Village.

It was like he was part of our family and we knew him for years. An experience Karen and I will never forget. Hopefully this is something we can be a part of every year!!!! We were proud to display the Host family banner in our yard and support this community event.

Submitted by Gary and Karen Nelson - LeClaire, Iowa

Road construction at South End of Sunderbruch Trail at Ricker Hill Rd and Rockingham

The City of Davenport is in the process of re-configuring Ricker Hill Rd where it intersects Rockingham Rd. This affects Cyclists riding "The Loop" route in the west end of Davenport.

The City may need to close off the southern portion of the Sunderbruch Trail (paved portion) or have cyclists walk their bikes around the construction. Pease be prepared for a detour in this area. This project is scheduled for June 6 - 30, 2016.

There is a significant detour on the Duck Creek Trail at Kimberly Rd where the trail curves and goes underneath Kimberly Rd. The decking on the 4 lane bridge is being replaced. Road traffic is down to 1 lane in each direction and trail traffic will need to use the recently installed cross walk just north of the bridge.

I have ridden through this area a number of times during the past few weeks. Earlier this afternoon a group of us rode through this area. The temporary traffic signal and cross walk device were being installed. We spoke to one of the workers from the light company and he said it would be operational later this afternoon.

According to the worker we spoke to, the cross walk and traffic signal will remain in place until the decking on the Kimberly Rd Bridge is completed later this year.

Kathy Storm


June 30, 2016

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