It should be a beautiful day to ride a century.

This Saturday, October 1, is our Fall Tailwind ride and we still have space for 10 more people. The fee is $40.

If you are interested, please contact Janette Harrington at to reserve your space.


As we head into the week, moderate flood levels on the Mississippi will have little impact on the City, its citizens, visitors or operations.

The river is currently set to reach 15 ft on Tuesday, September 27th, 16 ft on Wednesday, September 28th and crest and hold for a period at 16.9 ft on Saturday, October 1st.

Based on current predictions, the City's Flood Plan is/will be implemented as follows over the coming week.


Water will be over the road and the road closed in the following locations based on predicted conditions. Please do not drive, wade or play in floodwaters. Floodwater contains debris and other contaminants, and just 18' of water can float a car. Turn Around Don't Drown.
  • S Concord is closed from River Dr to Utah.
  • Credit Island Lane will be closed on Tuesday.
  • Gaines St will be closed at the railroad tracks south of River Dr beginning Tuesday.
  • At predicted levels, Beiderbecke will be closed beginning Thursday or Friday.
  • Credit Island Park closed to the public beginning Tuesday.
  • The Beusse boat dock has been pulled for the season.
  • The boat dock at Credit Island has been pulled for the season.
  • The boat dock at Marquette is begin removed today. The dock will be returned once river levels return to more normal levels.
  • The riverfront bike path between Credit Island and Marquette is closed. The bike path from Marquette to LeClaire Park will be impacted beginning Tuesday.
  • Water will begin to impact LeClaire Park on Tuesday.
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  • Crews will complete installation of the needed level of flood protection at Modern Woodmen Park on Tuesday.
  • The Compost Facility is accessible from Rockingham Rd/Hwy 22 to Wapello to Railroad Ave.
  • Based on predicted conditions, none of the following facilities will be impacted by this event: River's Edge, the Freight House, and Union Station.
  • Sandbags are available for pickup to those impacted by flooding at river levels of 13 to 17ft at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Take Wapello to Railroad Ave, to the gate just past the Compost Facility. Check in at the Office.
Other Measures
  • Pumps have been set and appropriate gates closed to prevent river levels from backing into the stormwater system in various low lying areas within the City.
Special Events
  • There are currently no riverfront special events scheduled that would be impacted by river levels.

Crews will continue monitoring river levels and implement the City's flood plan based on predicted and arriving conditions.
Staff expects to issue another update on conditions, and actions to be taken, again on Wednesday as predicted river levels arrive.

View today's media release for more information and details on this event, or visit for links to check river levels and other helpful flood related information and tips.

Thank you.

City of Davenport Flood Team

Questions? Call us at 563.326.7923

Utica Ridge Road - between 67th and the I-80 Overpass has reopened. The road has been widened some in this area to accommodate a few new housing developments. Forest Grove Road east of Utica Ridge Rd is still closed to through traffic as is 67th Street heading west into Davenport between Utica Ridge and Jersey Ridge Roads.

Mound Street - south of River Dr will be closed for 4 days beginning Friday, September 16th. Canadian Pacific Railroad will be working on repairs at this crossing. This crossing by the Village of East Davenport should re-open late on Monday, September 19th. You can gain access to the Riverfront Trail at Leach Park in Bettendorf or at Oneida Street in Davenport.

The Iowa DOT is beginning work on a long-range transportation plan. This serves as an investment guide for transportation projects from now until the year 2045. They have launched a survey to gather more input. There are some significant questions about bicycling on the survey. This makes your input crucial to the way the state builds roadways.

Take a few moments to take the survey at

Iowa Bicycle Coalition

QCBC Fall General Meeting
Tuesday October 18th @ 7:00 pm
Moe's Burgers and Brews
1524 4th Ave.
Rock Island, IL

Social time and a short meeting at 7:00 followed by dinner at 7:30.

Our speaker this meeting will be Matt Levy. I have asked Matt to tell us about his race last year. He did Paris-Brest-Paris. It was originally a 1200km bicycle race from Paris to Brest and back to Paris. Paris-Brest-Paris continues to this day as the oldest long-distance cycling road event.

Come join us for the evening.

Denise Duethman Haussler, QCBC/VP 309-721-7276

The QC Area has a nice system of hard surfaced trails for us to choose from in Iowa and Illinois. When these trails were initially set up, all the trees, bushes and flower plantings looked great and they were often maintained by the City/County Employees.

Times have changed. The trees and bushes have matured and City/County budgets for tree/brush trimming along the trails have been reduced. We as Members of the QCBC can help keep the trees and brush trimmed up enough so that we can enjoy the trails, see around corners and not have to worry about brush overhanging the space we are traveling in. We are the ones riding the trails and know where the areas are that need trimming.

If you are interested in helping out with some tree and brush trimming this Fall, please contact me at: (563) 355-2564 or We are in the process of putting together some "Trail Work Days" on specific sections of trail in both Iowa and Illinois.

Kathy Storm


September 28, 2016

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