The QC Area has a nice system of hard surfaced trails for us to choose from in Iowa and Illinois. When these trails were initially set up, all the trees, bushes and flower plantings looked great and they were often maintained by the City/County Employees.

Times have changed. The trees and bushes have matured and City/County budgets for tree/brush trimming along the trails have been reduced. We as Members of the QCBC can help keep the trees and brush trimmed up enough so that we can enjoy the trails, see around corners and not have to worry about brush overhanging the space we are traveling in. We are the ones riding the trails and know where the areas are that need trimming.

If you are interested in helping out with some tree and brush trimming this Fall, please contact me at: (563) 355-2564 or We are in the process of putting together some "Trail Work Days" on specific sections of trail in both Iowa and Illinois.

Kathy Storm

Thank you to those who have volunteered to help with the Heartland Century. It will be a real help.

However, we still need some more help, particularly with manning shifts at SAG stops. We would like the shifts to be no more than 2 hours long, if possible. So, we need a few more people to help make that happen.

If interested, contact
Les Nepper at
Dave Kealey at

The following was reported via email to our club president.

Good morning.

Like you, I enjoy the outdoors and the pleasure of moving my body to stay fit and healthy. I, however, am not a bicyclist. I walk. I walk the river path between Bettendorf and Davenport.

I am writing to your club anticipating you will get the word out to your members as a reminder that the "share the road" campaign, cars being respectful of bicyclists, should also apply to bicyclists being respectful of others using the river trail, including runners and walkers. The path, often referred to as a "bike" path, is actually a multi use path welcoming walkers, families pushing strollers, joggers and bike riders.

The bicyclist who was approaching me as he rode side by side with a fellow biker yesterday, remained in my lane (I was walking toward him in the right lane as he and his friend approached). I was crowded to the very edge of the path as he rode past in the middle of my lane (the wrong side of the road for him) without yielding by defaulting to a single file. He was wearing a Quad Cities Bicycle Club shirt!

Respect is a 2 way street, just like the walking path.

UPDATE: Thanks to expedient work by the contractor, the Duck Creek Bike Path between Jersey Ridge and Carriage Hill Roads will be re-opened later today (Fri Aug 5). Please feel free to share with your members.

Thanks, Robbin

All, we are reaching out to members of the cycling community regarding an upcoming bike path closure and subsequent detour. Please feel free to share with your members and other area cycling clubs/organizations.

A section of the Duck Creek Bike Path between Jersey Ridge and Carriage Hill Roads will be closed beginning Tuesday, August 2nd for installation of a new storm sewer pipe in the area.

The path will be completely removed during construction. No pedestrian or bike traffic will be allowed through. A signed detour will be placed. The detour will take pedestrian and bike traffic along Jersey Ridge Rd, across E 32nd St, down Carriage Hill Rd, and back onto the path.

Construction will involve new pipe installation and reconstruction of the asphalt path. Staff anticipates work will be completed the week of August 15th.

Robbin Dunn
Public Works Program Coordinator
City of Davenport
Public Works
1200 E 46th Street
Davenport, IA 52807

Join us this September 10th for a century or metric century through Rock Island County farmland.

Starting point is Shuler's Shady Grove in Rapids city, with lunch in Geneseo, Illinois provided. The metric century returns to Rapids City from there, while the full century riders continue to Andover, Illinois to a second break stop, then return through Geneseo on their way back to Rapids City.

There will be another (and probably final) On-Line Order Window September 2 - 30, 2016. You will be able to order items and have them ship directly to you. These orders will ship the end of November 2016. Payment will be by credit or debit card only and there is a $10 processing fee per order.


August 28, 2016

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