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What a beautiful fall day for our Club Chili Ride - overcast skies, south winds between 10 and 15 mph, temps around 60 degrees at the start of the rides warming up to mid to upper 60's by the ride's end.

There were 10 leisure-pace riders, lead by Janette Harrington, riding 22 miles and averaging 12 mph. Some out of towners came - a couple from Burlington and a rider from Washington, IA. They were amazed by our trail system.

The mid-pace ride leader was Ken Urban, leading 25 riders on a 38 mile tour. Ken had a new rider, Patrick Bradley, whose longest ride was 6 miles but he made the full 38 miles with the help of Dean Mathias and Ken Exum. Thanks guys and great job Patrick.

The fast-pace consisted of 14 riders. They rode 50 miles and averaged 19.4 mph.

Thank you to Ken and Janette for leading these rides.

Also, thank you to Becky Luth for setting up the shelter for our lunch, which included delicious chili, chicken and wild rice soup, chili dogs, cookies, rice krispy treats, pumpkin bars and beverages.

Thanks to Janette and John Harrington for helping with the setup and teardown for lunch.

Finally, a big thank you to all the attendees. You're the ones that make this a special ride.

QCBC Annual Dinner
Sunday November, 6, 2016
The Establishment
220 19th Street, Rock Island

4:00 Social Hour
5:00 Awards Meeting
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Entertainment

39 fall tailwind riders woke up to damp roads and intermittent mist, but this didn't stop them from getting to Ben Butterworth Parkway with their bikes to get on the bus. We drove through several patches of rain on our way to South Wayne, Wisconsin. When we arrived at our starting point, the roads were damp with temperatures in the low 60's and a light 6-8 mph NNE wind. We very quickly got the bikes off the truck and the riders got on their way.

The first half of this route had some hills with beautiful scenery. We rode around the "killer" hill that we rode up on the Spring Tailwind. Our SAG was 58-miles in to the route in a park in Thompson, Illinois. We were met by Hawaiian music and the smiling faces of Janette Harrington, Denise Clark, Sharon and Paula and Mary Dixon. They had sub sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit and drinks ready for us. Thanks to all of you for everything you do to provide the SAG. I also want to thank John Harrington for helping to setup the SAG. This is long overdue since he's been doing this service for the past several years and hasn't been thanked in any of the past Tailwind recaps. Sorry John.

The second half of the route had two options. One option was taking the bike path to the starting point which is pretty flat. The other option was taking some quiet county roads with some rolling hills. We got lucky and avoided the rain for the entire route. Thanks to Dave Thompson for marking the route Friday and for the cue sheets, and thanks to Joe Jamison for the use of his trailer at the starting/ending point to store our blankets and bags. Thanks also to Sean Hayek for checking all the riders in. As you can see, it takes a lot of volunteers to put on the Tailwind Rides.

Come join us next spring (early May) for the QCBC Spring Tailwind.

Don Luth


October 23, 2016

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