After reviewing the survey results and comments your board has broken down the results into six areas which are:
  • Advocacy: safety - legislative - intermodal/trails - Cycling Promotion
  • Communications: Information delivery - Information Presentation - Content - Marketing
  • Membership: Recruitment - New Member Welcoming - Volunteerism
  • Cycling Events: Ride Speed - Start Times - Ride Locations - Ride Distances -Theme/Purposes
  • Education: Bike Maintenance - Nutrition - Coaching/Workshops
  • Social: New Socials -Annual Banquet - Spring/Fall Picnics - Semi-Annual Club Meeting
After much discussion at the February board meeting it was decided to "tackle" Cycling Events and Communications. Two work groups were formed to dig further into how improvements could be made. The charge was for the workgroups is to return to the March board meeting with an initial plan.

More information to follow in the coming weeks, but here are the survey results for those interested.

Questions regarding the survey can be directed to Dave Ring