Submitted by: Don Luth
This year's spring tailwind had a new route starting from Dyersville, Iowa. Once in Dyersville, we got the trucks unloaded and all the riders on their way by 10:00am. We had 86 riders sign up and 80 rode. The wind was NNE at 12-14mph at the start and turning to straight north as the ride went on. The day was sunny with temps around 60-degrees. The route was a little hilly at the start so the lunch stop in Lost Nation midway in to the ride was a welcome break.

There is no way we could put on such a unique ride without a lot of support. Thanks to Kevin Smith for checking everyone in, Janette Harrington for getting the all the food and supplies for the SAG as well as organizing it, John Harrington and Melinda Thompson for helping to setup the SAG, and Becky Luth and Braden Schlough for manning the SAG while the riders came through. Thanks to Joe Jamison for providing the storage trailer again and a big thanks to Dave Thompson for designing and marking the route.

Please join us for our next fun Fall Tailwind on Saturday, October 7th.