Submitted by: Don Luth
Our ride got moved from Saturday to Sunday due to rain. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day with bright sunshine and light winds to start. Those winds increased as the day progressed to push us home. The 33 riders started in Lewistown, Illinois and our route included some lightly traveled highways but mostly county roads. We navigated through the Spoon River Drive Fall Festival for the first 30 or so miles, dodging cars as we rode through. The SAG was in the small town of Wataga where we had sub sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit, drinks and other assorted goodies.

Big thanks to Janette Harrington for organizing the SAG and thanks to Becky Luth for helping to setup, serve food and tear down the SAG. Thanks to all the other volunteers that make this ride possible: John Harrington for helping Janette get the van loaded and setting up the SAG, Kevin Smith for checking everyone in, Dick Wolbers for helping load the bikes on the truck and driving the truck to Lewistown and Joe Jamison for the use of his trailer to store our blankets and bags. A big thank you to Dave Thompson for the route and going out Saturday dodging the rain and marking the course.

Come join in the fun on the Spring Tailwind May 2018.