Submitted by: James Hudson
The first of the 2018 road races were held on Campbell's Island on April 19th. We had 14 riders compete in A & B groups.
Results A-Group
1st. Shay Wright
2nd. Travis Surrage
3rd Kevin Quijas
4th Matt Frutiger
5th Tim Jansen
6th Matt Delcourt
7th Karl Jahns
8th Jacob Spath
9th Rick Rohret

Results B-Group
1st Jude Rolsch
2nd Josh Wren
3rd Leona Carlough
4th Mark Pealstrom
5th David Gatheright

Thank you to the volunteers, that helped out, Dave Thompson, David Wright and Sue Tackabury.
Next races are Time Trial- May 8th, Reynolds, IL and Road Race- May 17th, Indian Bluff Rd/Group O, Moline, IL