Submitted by: Dean “Bareback” Mathias
We are looking for environmentally conscious, hard working, individuals who are willing to assume the role of leading and assisting with our recycling initiative this year. Please contact Dean “Bareback” Mathias at 309-737-8429 or if you are interested in organizing this important effort.

Goal...Provide recycling around the Crit course for the full day to avoid WASTE while benefitting our community and the environment.

Below is an outline of arrangements made with Carrie Carlstrom of the Waste Commission of Scott County.
  • Volunteers will pick up stands on Friday, May 25 and return clean stands on Tuesday, May 29. Scott County Area Recycling Center facility is located at 5640 Carey Ave. Hours of operation are 7:30 am - 4:00 pm M - F.
  • We cannot use the Commission’s recycling trailer because the Crit is held outside of the work week. Also parking space is at a premium on race day.
  • Supplies include:
    • 10 fold-up recycling stands with clear bags plus 40 extra bags.
    • 10 fold-up trash stands with opaque black bags plus 40 extra bags.
  • Recycling and Trash stands will be paired around the course.
  • Plastic, cans and glass bottles can be comingled in the recycling bags.
  • Recycling will be dropped off by volunteers at the Centennial Park Drop-Off Recycling Center throughout the day of the race. Multiple drop-offs to the recycling center may be required during the day so we can avoid recycling volume issues at the conclusion of the event. Maybe one drop off per shift.

We are looking for a recycling lead and helpers to ensure full bags are replaced and recycled items find a home at the Centennial Park Drop-off Recycling Center. We also need to make sure the stands are clean and returned on Tuesday. If you volunteer to lead this effort, we will help find volunteers to assist.