RAGBRAI XLVI QCBC Preferred Charter Service
Jul 22-28 2018

Preferred Charter Registration for QCBC Members Only

The Q.C.B.C. is sanctioned by The Des Moines Register and RAGBRAI, providing this charter service for our members and guests since 1973.

If you are having problems registering on these sites using a smart phone or tablet, try utilizing a desktop or laptop to prevent any frustrations.

The following registration steps should be performed on a desktop or laptop to prevent any frustrations, the sites are not smart phone and tablet friendly.

A - You must be a member of The Quad Cities Bicycle Club. Renew or complete your membership at least one week prior to registering for your RAGBRAI charter and TAGS (we must confirm your membership before accepting your registration). Our membership form is available on our website.

NOTE, both B-1 and B-2 must be completed on the same day.

B-1 - fill out the 2018 Preferred Charter Registration and make payment through our online vendor - http://getmeregistered.com/QCBCCharterRAGBRAI (more detail at Costs and Services). Preferred services are available 11/15/17 through 02/15/18.

Each person must register separately. Parent/guardian shall register for any minor child.

Club members must select a charter service to obtain your weeklong RAGBRAI TAG with us, we are not a TAG broker for RAGBRAI.

B-2 - Register for your QCBC Club Lottery TAG at http://ragbrai.com to apply for your own TAGS under their "REGISTRATION" tab. Do not enter as an individual but with our group - # 61 in the pull down menu - "Quad Cities".

You may also use the link Submit a Ride Entry as a Group Member using the Quad Cities Bicycle Club # 61 to register under us.

QCBC Preferred Charter Members are required to register for their own RAGBRAI TAGS, and merchandise (jerseys, shorts, souvenir packs, etc) and complete the waiver(s) themselves ONLINE. You are required to pay for your own TAGS and Merchandise through RAGBRAI's online payment service.

Parents shall Submit the Ride Entry for a Minor. All pages of the Minor Waivers (both parents must also sign) are to be sent to the QCBC Charter Director immediately following the minor registration. Do not send them to the RAGBRAI corporate office. We will forward all of the minor waivers to RAGBRAI as a group.