RAGBRAI XLVI QCBC Preferred Charter Service
Jul 22-28 2018


We do not have a Bus Back schedule. The charter buses will depart the ENDING TOWN as they fill, on a first come-first serve basis. Once each seat on the first bus is filled, it will depart for the Quad Cities with your bicycles in our trucks following right behind. Bus # 2 and others will follow the same protocol, with the final bus leaving no later than a 2:00 PM DEADLINE. As always, the buses will return to our designated parking area in the QCA.

The Bus Back option includes one bus seat, your two (2) bags and your bicycle, prepped for the truck loading.

All bags and bicycles brought back, must be claimed by 5:00 PM.

NOTE: We can only return the merchandise of our clients who are included in the Bus Back charter or those with the prepaid Bicycle/Tandem Only options.