Tour Of the Mississippi River Valley
June 8-9 2019

2017 Recap
MANY THANKS to all of you for making TOMRV a great ride, our 40th year! Saturday was a hot day but a tailwind pushed riders in early. Sunday was similar but headwinds made for a tough ride. Riders reported a challenging trip back.

The rider count was 1,086 - first year riders were 30% of the total, 23% of riders were women, and 66% of our riders started at Scott. Thanks to you returning riders for telling your friends and bike clubs about our ride.

I know of one injury when a rider went down in a road crack. Overall the bike tour was safe this year.

Have a great riding summer. For those of you going on RAGBRAI have a fun week. For your other endurance events this year - good fortune. And of course have a great summer biking with your family, friends and bike clubs.

Like us on Facebook. Keep up with TOMRV and other Midwest riders on our Facebook page. The date for next years ride is June 9-10 2018, and registration will open on December 1, 2017.

Last of all, our thanks and appreciation to all of our nearly 100 volunteers who made this year's ride a big success. See you on TOMRV next year.

Doug Truesdell
TOMRV Coordinator