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Direct link to the Ride Schedule:
Ride Calendar

The Ride

The QCBC has multiple club-organized rides weekly during the spring, summer and fall, riding 5 days each week. Our rides were developed to provide riding opportunities for all experience levels. So, whether you just bought your first bike or are a seasoned veteran, we have a ride to meet your needs.

Our Ride Leaders are instructed to maintain the integrity of the ride, meaning, they must manage both speed and distance to be within posted guidelines. There may be instances when speed may fluctuate depending on road and weather conditions. Please keep this in mind when choosing your ride.

All riders should choose the ride below - the one they feel is best suited to them until they can consistently complete that ride without feeling stressed at any point during the ride. This will ensure that all riders get the enjoyment from the ride that they were looking for. When you can successfully complete the ride without difficulty, the next step awaits you as your next challenge.
Are you a new to the QCBC?

If you have questions about a scheduled rides, contact the Ride Leaders for ride information.  You should also sign up for “OPT-IN" in your profile  OPT-IN is how Ride Leaders communicates with your group. It is always recommend that you pre-register for a ride.  If a ride is cancelled the Ride Leader will send out a message regarding the cancellation. 

If you are not familiar with riding in a group, take a few minutes to watch the videos onthis web page, they will help you feel more comfortable riding in a group and what is expected.

The club's Safety Guideline will also be a benefit to you on your first ride.  Here is the link:

QCBC Bike Safety Best Practices

Your Ride Leader should introduce you to all of the rides prior to departure after he gives a short safety briefing.

About Our Club Rides

The right ride level for you

If you are a new member with limited cycling experience, or it’s the start of a new season you'll probably want to start at a slower pace/shorter distance. Check the monthly ride schedule and choose a ride that suits you. Read the description to be sure it matches your assessment of your abilities. If you're unsure, contact the Ride Leader and discuss the ride and your abilities with him/her. We want you to have fun, to gain confidence, and to improve. It may seem hard at first, but don't get discouraged. If you stick with it, you'll surprise yourself with your progress. The most important part of club riding is not your ride speed, but that you enjoy the ride and feel comfortable at whichever speed/distance you choose.


These are some club definitions of rides that may help you in determining the best ride.


Ride distance in miles.


No Rider Left Behind: The ride leader will ride the pace of the slowest rider.

Riders stay together at the published pace for the entire ride.

Riders go at their own pace,      re-grouping at pre-determined locations on the route.

  Riders ride at their own pace.

No Drop: 
All QCBC rides are “No-Drop” rides unless specified. 

  Group will only stop due to a medical issue.  Riders should have a Sag plan if dropped. 


This is the maximum speed of the ride.  A rider should be able to sustain this speed on flat terrain with no wind.


Group A  20+ mph 

Group B  17-20 mph  

Group C  15-17 mph 

Group D  13-15 mph 
Group E  10-13 mph

Group F  up to 10 mph 


No hills, possibly a small climb for a bridge or an overpass (Average of 0 to 10 feet of climbing per mile)

Occasional hills with easy grades (Average of 10-25 feet of climbing per mile)

Occasional hills with easy grades (Average of 10-25 feet of climbing per mile)

Extended and/or frequent climbs, or very steep grades (An average of more than 45 feet of climbing per mile)

RIDE WITH GPS:   Ride leaders will identify if the scheduled ride has been posted on the club’s Ride With GPS web site.  Members can down load the Cue Sheet to either their Smart Phone or Garmin device.

The following is a sample of information a Ride Leader should provide for their ride.
Ride Pace: Group D (13-15 mph)

Time:  9:30 am 2 hours estimate
Location:  Lindsay Park Davenport
Length:  28 miles
Ride Type: Re-group
Terrain:  Minor
Ride With GPS Cue Sheet:  Yes – Duck Creek Loop
Remarks:  Lunch in East Village following ride 


With group riding there are responsibilities for both the rider and the ride leader.

Riders should also assess their ability to meet the demands of the ride.  

1.   Can I maintain the ride pace for the entire ride?
2.  Can I ride the listed terrain?
3.  Is this the right ride for me today?

It is unfair for riders who cannot meet the requirements of a ride to expect the other riders to wait. We encourage riders in doubt to start with an easier ride. 

NOTE: This expectation does not pertain to No Rider Left Behind rides


1.  Understand the QCBC Safety Policy.

2.  Follow the QCBC Ride Leader Check List.

3.  Ride at the listed pace.

4.  Adhere to the listed ride type.

RIDE REALITIES:  There may be more than one group of riders on any QCBC ride.  The ride leader will choose and publish a pace for the ride.  The ride leader will always ride at that published pace. 
QCBC rides may have riders or groups of riders who go faster or slower than the published pace. This is normal and expected.  It is the choice of those riders.  However, the support of the Ride Leader may not be available to those riders who choose to ride at a different pace or are unable to ride at the published pace.  The primary responsibility of the ride leader is to those riders who ride at the published pace, since the ride was designated for a particular skill level of rider.