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Monthly Newsletter

The Quad Cities Bicycle Club publishes a monthly newsletter called Pedalwheeling. Members are encouraged to submit write-ups on club rides and races in which they have participated. We also welcome reports on invitational rides that club members have attended.

A newsletter is mailed for those who so indicate on their membership application: otherwise, an email notice is provided with a link to the newest Pedalwheeling. After one month the preceding, plus previous newsletters also can be viewed and downloaded from the website. Newsletters are also available in most QC-area bike shops.

The deadline for submitting articles is the 15th of the month. Please keep your articles to one page (500 words) or less. A digital camera offers a great way for you to submit photos. Please include your name (so that you get credit for the write-up or photo) and your telephone number (in case the editor needs to contact you).

Please submit your articles to our newsletter editor by e-mail at  Submit Newsletter Article .

In the event that you are not receiving your monthly issue of Pedalwheeling, please contact Charlie and Sharon Sattler, newsletter distribution at 563-391-3422.

If you would like to receive your Pedalwheeling by email eliminating printing and postage costs, and saving a tree, please send us a message.

Past copies of the QCBC Pedwheeling Newsletter. If you have any that we are missing, please consider sending us a copy.