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Ride Leader Information 

Defining Your Ride

The following is a sample of information a Ride Leader should provide for their ride on the club calendar.  See Home Page>Rides>About Us for definations. 
Ride Pace:
 Group D (13-15 mph)
  9:30 am 2 hours estimate
  Lindsay Park Davenport
  28 miles
Ride Type:
Ride With GPS Cue Sheet:
  Yes – Duck Creek Loop
  Lunch in East Village following ride

2020 Ride Leader Seminar Power Point Presentation (click photo to view)

Ride Leader Responsibilities

1.  Know the ride route and adjust if needed for construction, flood, sunset, etc.  The QCBC provides all members with the free services of “Ride With GPS” which is helpful in determining a safe route.  Ride Leaders are encouraged to recon the route prior to the day of the ride.

2.  If prior to arriving at the start location you decide to cancel due such things as thunderstorms, lightning, dense fog, ice, or a tornado watch is in effect use the QCBC “Alert System” to notify pre-registered riders.

3.  Arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before start time and access the weather conditions.  If such things as thunderstorms, lightning, dense fog, ice, or a tornado watch is in effect at the start time or shortly thereafter cancel the ride.  As a courtesy remain at the starting location to inform any riders of your decision.

4.  Fill out the waiver form on the first line and in parenthesis (Lead) and circulate among riders and volunteers.  Insure all have signed the waiver form legibly.

5.  Do a visual check of rides equipment insuring all have helmets and their bikes are operational.  Encourage riders to use their headlight and tail light while on the ride.

6.  Five minutes before ride start time, count total riders and take the signed waiver form, Silent Sport Incident Report, accident & incident protocol, and pencil with you on the ride
7.  Assemble riders, do introductions, announce ride route and field rider questions.  

8.  Riders joining after the start time will not be officially part of ride.   

9.  Start ride at advertised time   

10.Exhibit safe riding skills, follow rules of road, keep the advertised pace, account for all riders.  

11.  Scan waiver form or mail hard copy to Deb Mathias, 745 Hillcrest Road, Milan, Il. 61264, or  , within one week after the ride.           

** Night rides only: ensure riders have at least a head and/or helmet light and taillight. Head lights or helmet lights should be capable of lighting at least 50 feet ahead.  (a 300 lumen light is the minimum intensity recommended).   Optional: spare headlight or helmet light, reflectors, etc.

Click here for a Ride Leader Packet with
**Ride Leader Responsibilities
**Accident Report
**Sign In Roster
Ride_Leader_Packet 2020

Ride_Leader_Packet 2020

Or Download individual forms and carry with you on the ride..

Waiver of Liability Form (printable)

Master Club Ride Waiver_Effective_2020_pdf
Master Club Ride Waiver Effective 2020
Incident Report (printable) Accident Report

Ride Accident & Incident Report Protocols


Ride Accident & Incident Protocol pdf

Accident Report:
1.  Calmly assess physical injury:  it may take a while for a downed rider to collect themselves.  Check their helmet and bike for damage.

2.  Continue riding if the rider, bike, helmet, are OK: otherwise go to #3.

3.  Call 911 for immediate medical assistance is needed.

4.  If a motor vehicle is involved call the police. 

5.  Get drivers insurance information, address, phone number, and plate number.

6.  Obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses.

7.  Preferably take photos of the scene, rider’s injuries, bike and all other involved vehicles.

8.  Seek the necessary medical treatment for non-emergency injuries.

9.  Encourage the involved rider to have the bike thoroughly inspected by a bike shop.

Incident Report: (Rider injuries and/or property damage only)
Accident Report

1.  McKay Insurance Agency, requests we fill out a Silent Sport Incident Report (Ride Leader Segment, and signed waiver for accidents with rider injuries and/or property damage.

2. Fill out report and/or contact QCBC Insurance Liaison, Les Nepper,

3.  Contact McKay Insurance at

4.  If waiver is online the contact point is either the Membership Manager or the Web Maaster.  A signed excel sheet for the participant and copy of the waiver are required.

5.  If the waiver is a signed hard copy, use the signed wavier for the Ride Incident Report being filled out.

6.  The incident report and hard copy or online waiver will be mailed or emailed to McKay by the Ride Leader or Insurance Liaison.

7.  The Ride Leader and QCBC Insurance Liaison will retain copies of the incident report & waiver.

Waiver For Paid Events
Download this form for events where an entry fee is charged, or volunteers are used for the event

Master_Waiver_Families, Spouses, Volunteers_2020

Updated: Nov 2018 Burke/Ring