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Race Results For QC Area Racers

Racing Results


2024 Club Race Series Results
We have our second time trial in the books. This took place on June 18th in Barstow , IL.  It was a very hot and windy day but we had 14 racers take the course and compete.  We were able to use the full course of 25k as was intended for our series. The fastest time of the evening was 34:16 by Mitchel Jankowski. The fastest Woman of the evening was Sarah Doneth with 39:02. The fastest road bike time was a scorching 38:38 by Nick Voth. The trend was most all riders went out pretty hard and then suffered a brutal headwind return and watched the speed drop by the minute. The riders with the most success that evening regulated their output and had something left to finish off the race. It’s a fine art of balance. Congratulations to all who competed in those brutal conditions. And a very sincere thank you to Jim Hudson and John Lipa for timing the race. Without them, we would not be able to do it. A special thank you to Bailey Hartman for taking literally 100 photos of the race in action on the course.  Hope to see everyone back next month for number 3.                                   

We have our first time trial of the season in the books. This took place May 21st in Barstow , IL. The weather was terrible. The forecast scared away 16 of our 26 registered participants. But, we still had 10 riders show up. I am pleasantly surprised we had that many. I don’t blame anyone for not coming out. The wind was 25mph sustained and 40mph gusts. All straight South. The bigger issue was a line of storms that by all accounts was barreling towards the QC at or 
around 6:40pm ish. The storm already destroyed towns in Iowa. The threat was real. BUT…. it never touched us. I had to make the call to shorten our course to 10 kilometers to ensure everyone would be off the road by 6:30 and give us time to get to shelter. It started to rain just as the last rider rolled through and the skies looked ominous. I looked like a genius with the decision.  BUT…… we got 3 minutes of sprinkles and then nothing. We could have ridden the whole course. Granted , it was as windy as I’ve ever ridden on a TT bike and it was from the worst possible direction. Crosswind out and back. Tailwind for only 3 miles. Block headwind as soon as you turn around for 3 miles, crosswind all the home. Brutal. But we all are in the same conditions so it’s a wash. That’s why I enjoy the TT racing. We all go out in the same crap and go as fast as we can from A to B. No excuses. Anyway… we had 10 racers and to make it easy it was 5 and 5 for our categories. All men open and men Breakaway. Simple. Dan Fox 🤴 took the victory for open.  Cory Hartman 🥈 by 2 seconds. Mitchel Jankowski 🥉 by 7 seconds. That’s close guys!! Rounding out the final spots were Matt Sivertsen and Michael Giudici respectively. Now the breakaway category. Joe Taber 🤴 took the victory by a large margin. Super impressive! He had 1:18seconds on the next finisher. Guys, for 10k that might as well be 5 minutes. Very well done. Mattias Wallin making his TT debut was 🥈 down 1:18. Ian Frink was 🥉 making it interesting down :12. Great podium. Rounding out the rest were Ronan Hynes and Logan Blank respectively.  Thanks guys for braving the weather forecast and giving us a good turnout. The storm ended up not panning out but you can guarantee if I ended up taking a chance we would have been eating baseball sized hail in the middle of the race.

2023 Club Race Series Results

May 4th -  Time Trial @ Princeton, IA   (6 miles)
The first time trial race of the 2023 season was held on Thursday evening morning at Cody Elementary school LeClaire, Iowa.. This race was a 10k time trial with an uphill finish.  The weather was warm with clear skies and calm winds.  One woman and eight men raced the course. Today’s best time was a blazing fast 14:54 set by Cory Hartman. Thanks to racers and helpers.

Men's Results

1. Cory Hartman (37) 14:54

2. Nick Voth (26) 15:29

3. Ben Lloyd (40) 15:56

4. Joe Buikema (64) 16:41

5. Kent Johnson (55) 16:46

6. Ian Frink (50) 16:47

7. Karl Jahns (60) 18:02

8. Mike Campbell (60) 18:04

Women's Results

1. Kelli Brannen 43 21:25

May 21st -  Road Race @ Orion, IL   (25 miles)             
The first road race of the year took place on the rolling hills near Orion, Illinois. Perfect temps, a little wind and a small field met a hard effort for all of the racers. With attacks going from the start the race was decided by two late moves by Nick Voth whose second attempt allowed him to stay clear of the group for the win. Congrats to all!

Men's Results

1. Nick Voth         
2. Bill Hauber       
3. Cory Hartman  
4. Kevin Wohlford

5Kent Johnson

June 15th - Time Trial @ Reynolds, IL (13 miles)
An undulating course on country roads south of the Quad Cities made for a fast day for the 10 racers taking on the clock. 

Men's Results

1. Wes Sowers (44)  28:35
2. Matt Jackson (?)  29:09
3. Mitch Jankowski (33)  29:12
4. Cory Hartman
 (37)  30:35
5. Ron Geirut (?)  30:49
6. Mike Craddick (?)  32:37
7. Bob Norman (?)  37:24
Non-aero bars

1. Caleb Urmy (29)  32:55
2. Ben Lloyd
 (40)  34:44

3. Ian Frink (50)   35:30

June 25th -  Road Race @ Rapid City, IL   (60 miles / 40 miles)
The second road race of the year is set up on arguably the hardest course. For those racing the 60 mile event there were three laps in the 20 mile circuit that include two leg-snapping climbs. A field of 10 riders took to the starting line on an overcast day with strong winds out of the west. Kevin Wohlford who was racing the 40-mile option took off early not to be seen again until the finish. Great job Kevin! Caleb Urmy wins the award for the most aggressive rider taking off early and building a 2:45 mile over the peloton going heading into the last lap. The group managed to reel in Caleb before the deciding climb up Adventure Quest but not before he snagged double points on the prime for the 2nd lap. As expected, the race exploded when Mitch Jankowski gapped the group coming up the last climb, but got nipped at the line by Wes Sowers. Cory Hartman rounded out the podium in third. Others participating include Ian Frink (2nd 40 miles), Lucas Guyton, Nick Voth, Aaron Deutchman, and Tim Jansen. 


Another TT , another KOM is demolished. This is a recurring theme with our riders here , every TT has produced a new KOM. The 10K TT Cory Hartman set the new standard. The Reynolds TT Wes Sowers set the new standard. Barstow has a new king today , Matt Jackson. On a gusty crosswind of a course today we had our final (maybe……) TT of the year. 25K on Barstow Road. Our podium also has the new standard on Strava for the segment now as well. That’s say in something. Matt Jackson has set the new standard here in the TT discipline, Mitchel Jankowski has been within 27 seconds of Matt, COMBINED! In the last two TTs. They are the top riders in TT here in the QCA. Anyone who disagrees come out and prove me wrong. Third place today Cory Hartman is the recently minted 40k Regional TT CHAMPION 30-39 AG. with a 56:45 (26.3mph) 40k last Sunday. He had 1:30 and 1:05 put on him today by those two. non-aero category had a 7th overall Strava segment effort today as well. Caleb Urmy set a blistering pace on a road bike today. Good enough for the win in his category.
Matt Jackson -32:51
Mitchel Jankowski-33:16
Cory Hartman-34:21
Joe Buikema 39:47
Steve Evans 40:28
Bob Norman 42:39
Caleb Urmy 37:36
Joe Taber 40:24
Kent Johnson 41:58————————
Thank you Jim Hudson for officiating, and all the racers who came out and let it rip today!

M.A.T.G.P - morning at the glass palace

Maybe this should be a thing now. We just had our last “road race” of our series this morning at what is referred to as the glass palace. JDHQ in Moline. What was advertised as a straight 60-minute crit turned into a series of 5 short races with points awarded per race. With a small turnout of 5 riders this made more sense than a longer effort. Our first race was a knockout race. Last rider per lap is out until the last 2 riders face off final lap. Second was a little gear 2 lap race. We had to be in our easiest gearing the whole time. No shifting! The third race was a big gear race , hardest gearing the whole time 2 laps no shifting! 4th was a KOM lap. Solo rider sent off one at a time racing the stopwatch. Brutal. The final race was a 5 lap “scratch“ race. Traditional crit. After the points were added up , Nick Voth was the winner, Caleb Urmy 2nd, Cory Hartman 3rd. Ben Lloyd was 4th , Joe Buikema 5th. I think it was a fun day, and with that type of race we needed an official keeping a close eye on everything. Matt Jackson stepped up and took care of all that for us. Big thanks to him! And thanks to the riders who showed up for the race. Our TT Tuesday will be interesting with Cory Hartman leading with 19 points and a 2 way tie at 17 points Caleb Urmy and Nick Voth.

QCBC 40k/20k TT

We had a CRAZY!!!!! TT finish today to end our season. Matt Jackson and Mitchel Jankowski were HALF SECOND apart from each other. And both dropped a SLEDGEHAMMER of a TT. Matt took the victory. It was timed by stopwatch and after a well thought out course to the exact start stop and turnaround as the regional 40k TT championship, we had Strava confirmation that Matt indeed was 1 second ahead. But Strava rounds to nearest second. HELLUVA stopwatch timer we had (John Hartman). Caleb Urmy nearly broke an hour on a ROAD BIKE!! come on now. Perfect weather. The only thunder we had was the watt bombs exploding from our racers tonight. Caleb Urmy took the non-Aero victory by 53 seconds over Nick Voth, Cory Hartman was the usual 3rd place in aero category behind Matt and Mitchel. So congrats Caleb Urmy, our series champion! A well-deserved overall win. It came down to a TT just like it should. And all the guys in contention stepped up and hammered out the 40k distance. Nice work gentlemen! Here is the rundown from tonight


Matt Drobney - 28:53:15 🥇
Joe Buikema 32:24:65 🥈

40k non aero

Caleb Urmy - 1:00:52:89 🥇
Nick Voth- 1:01:45:56 🥈
Ian Frink - 1:06:13:90 🥉
Marshall Douglass- 1:23:51:26. 4th

40k aero

Matt Jackson - 54:33:45 🥇
Mitchel Jankowski- 54:33:50 🥈
Cory Hartman -56:26:51 🥉
Matt Sivertsen-1:09:53:26. 4th

Thank you to John Hartman for running a stopwatch down to the tenths of a second tonight. It was needed. I can’t believe how close it was. Thanks for the racers coming out. It was a good season congrats Caleb on the victory. Point totals final standings will be posted soon.

Memorial Day Weekend Bike Racing Results

Friday May 26th Burlington

Friday Night Fever Cat 4: 7th Cory Hartman,

Friday Night Fever Cat 5: 2nd Joe Taber, 5th Kent Johnson

Friday Night Fever Cat 50+: 7th Bill Hauber

Friday Night Fever Cat 60+: 4th Kevin Wohlford


Saturday May 27th Burlington

Snake Alley Cat 5:   1st Joe Taber, 3rd Caleb Urmy, 7th Kent Johnson

Snake Alley 60+: 5th Kevin Wohlford


Sunday May 28th Muscatine

Melon City Criterium Cat 4: 10th Cory Hartman

Melon City Criterium Cat 5: 2nd Caleb Urmy, 9th Kent Johnson

Melon City Criterium 60+: 5th Kevin Wohlford


Monday May 29th - Davenport

Kwik-Star Cat 5: 1st Mitch Jankowski, 2nd Caleb Urmy, 4th Joe Tabor

Kwik-Star (Project Echelon) Pro Race:  3rd Matt Zimmer
Project Echelon:  3rd in the Mens Pro race at Kwik-Star.   Matt Zimmer

Hammerhead Weekly Results

July 9th         GP Des Moines Criterium                                 Des Moines, IA

Category 3 1st Place:  Matt Eckard 

Kent Johnson and Caleb Urmy finished strong in the pack in the CAT 4 final sprint.

July 8th         Iowa State Road Race Championships     Pleasant Hill, IA

Pro Category 1st Place: Matt Zimmer   

Masters (60+) 1st Place:  Kevin Wohlford

Weekend Race Team Members:  Cory Hartman, Caleb Urmy,  Kent Johnson, Joe Buikema, Mitch Jankowski, Matt Eckard, Matt Zimmer and Kevin Wohlford.  Others posting top-ten finishes:  Mitch Jankowski (6th) and Cory Hartman (10th).

July 5th        Podium Finishers  48 Miles           Average Speed: 20.6 mph

Farmer’s driveway:  1st: Aaron Deutchman, 2nd: Cory Hartman, 3rd: Caleb Urmy

Barstow at underpass:  1st: Aaron Deutchman, 2nd: Cory Hartman, 3rd: Caleb Urmy

Denhardt Climb:  1st: Aaron Deutchman, 2nd: Cory Hartman, 3rd: Caleb Urmy

Stones Sign:  1st: Aaron Deutchman, 2nd: Cory Hartman, 3rd: Caleb Urmy


June 28th      Podium Finishers  49.5 Miles           Average Speed: 21.7 mph

Barstow:  1st: Lucas Guyton, 2nd: Wes Sowers, 3rd: Cory Hartman

Wes’s Chip n Seal:  1st: Lucas Guyton, 2nd:  Caleb Urmy, 3rd: Wes Sowers

Christmas Tree:  1st: Wes Sowers, 2nd: Kevin Wohlford, 3rd: Bill Hauber

Sycamore Climb: 1st: Wes Sowers, 2nd: Lucas Guyton, 3rd: Cory Hartman

Stones Sign:  1st: Lucas Guyton, 2nd: Wes Sowers, 3rd: Cory Hartman


June 21st      Podium Finishers  45.4 Miles           Average Speed: 22.3 mphJuly

Red Barn:  1st: Mike Thomsen, 2nd: Cory Hartman, 3rd: Caleb Urmy

Barstow East at underpass:  1st: Mike Thomsen, 2nd:  Caleb Urmy, 3rd: Kevin Wohlford

Denhardt climb:  1st: Cory Hartman, 2nd: Mike Thomsen, 3rd: Caleb Urmy

d, 3rd: Wes Sowers

June 14th      Podium Finishers  45.6 Miles           Average Speed: 21.7 mph

Barstow Road:  1st: Mike Thompsen, 2nd: Spencer Zimmerman, 3rd: Kevin Wohlford

Into HIllsdale:  1st: Mike Thompsen, 2nd:  Spencer Zimmerman, 3rd: Karl Jahns

Sycamore climb:  1st: Mike Thompsen, 2nd: Kevin Wohlford, 3rd: Cory Hartman


June 7th        Podium Finishers  47 Miles           Average Speed: 21.4 mph

Barstow Road:  1st: Kent Johnson, 2nd: Kevin Wohlford, 3rd: Joe Tabor

Adventure Quest Road:  1st: Kevin Quijas, 2nd:  Mattias Wallin, 3rd: Kevin Wohlford

Sycamore climb:  1st: Cory Hartman, 2nd: Kevin Wohlford, 3rd: Mitch Jankowski


May 31st       Podium Finishers  47.7 Miles           Average Speed: 21 mph

284th St (south end):  1st: Kevin Wohlford, 2nd: Mattias Wallin, 3rd:  Kevin Quijas  

256th St (south end):  1st: Kevin Wohlford, 2nd:  Dohn Pfeiffer, 3rd: Kevin Quijas

Sycamore climb:  1st:  Kevin Wohlford, 2nd: Brian Cewe, 3rd: Tim Jansen

May 24TH       Hammerhead Wednesday Rides Distance 47.5      Average Speed 21.3 Podium Finishers:

Barstow:  1st: Mike Thompsen,      2nd: Mitch Jankowski, 3rd:  Spencer Zimmerman    Into Hillsdale:  1st Mitch Jankowski,2nd:  Kevin Quijas, 3rd: Spencer Zimmerman    Sycamore climb:   1st:  Mike Thompsen, 2nd: Kevin Wohlford, 3rd: Wes Sowers


May 17TH       Hammerhead Wednesday Rides Distance 43.2      Average Speed 21.6 Podium Finishers:


Christmas Tree North:  1st:  Bill Hauber, 2nd: Kent Johnson, 3rd:  Cory Hartman

Barstow East at overpass:  1st:  Bill Hauber, 2nd:  Mitch Jankowski,  3rd: Wes Sowers

Stones Sign:   1st: Bill Hauber, 2nd: Kent Johnson, 3rd: Cory Hartman

May 9th          Night at the Oval (Hawkeye Downs)     Cedar Rapids


Group A (Experienced)       10th David VanZummeren   11th Cory Hartman


Group B: (Beginners)          3rd Kent Johnson (tie)


May 10TH       Hammerhead Wednesday Rides  Distance 44.6     Average Speed 21.2 Podium Finishers:


Zig Zags:  Tie for 1st   Wes Sowers and Mike Thompsen  3rd: Spencer Zimmerman

Barstow:  1st: Mike Thompsen,  2nd:  Wes Sowers,  3rd: Spencer Zimmerman

Sycamore climb:   1st: Kevin Wohlford, 2nd: Kevin Quijas    3rd: Tim Jansen

May 3rd         Hammerhead Wednesday Rides   Distance 46.7  Average Speed: 22.2             Podium Finishes:


Barstow:  1st: Cory Hartman,          2nd: Bill Hauber,        3rd: Kevin Wohlford

Into Hillsdale:  1st: Kevin Wohlford, 2nd:  Cory Hartman, 3rd: Bill Hauber

Sycamore climb:   1st:  Cory Hartman, 2nd: Kent Johnson, 3rd: Bill Hauber


April 26th       Hammerhead Wednesday Rides  Distance:?  Average Speed: 22.1 Podium Finishes:


Barstow:  1st: Cory Hartman, 2nd: Bill Hauber, 3rd: David VanZummeran

South end of County route 70:  1st: Spencer Zimmerman, 2nd:  Cory Hartman, 3rd: Sean Hayek

Sycamore climb:   1st:  Sean Hayek, 2nd: Cory Hartman, 3rd: Kent Johnson


April 22nd      Hell of the Wind Gravel Race     Davenport IA


100k   7th, Wes Sowers       Sean Hayak 9th,       Dan Fox 14th, Bill Hauber 18th,                  Cory Hartman 24th,            Kent Johnson 27th, Spencer Zimmerman 30th

50k     Aaron Deuthman 1st,           Kenin Qullas 2nd

April 12th       Distance 45.9 miles           Average Speed 20.5         
Podium Finishes:  


Barstow:  Mattias Wallin (1st) Spencer Zimmerman (2nd) Don Pfeiffer (3rd)

Sycamore climbs:  Kevin Wohlford (1st) Spencer Zimmerman (2nd) Dohn Pfeiffer (3rd)

Stones Sign:  Spencer Zimmerman (1st) Dohn Pfeiffer (2nd) Kevin Wohlford (3rd)




Our group, QCBC’s Wednesday Worlds, sent five current riders to the Trofeo Sabato Santo Circuit races in Des Moines over the weekend and grabbed three podium finishes.  Kevin Wohlford, Cory Hartman, Joe Buikema, Bill Hauber and Karl Jahns competed with Bill winning the Master’s 55+, Cory winning the Mens’ Cat4, and Kevin placing 3rd in the Masters 60+.   All finished strong!  Great job, guys.  


April 5th         Distance: 39.4 miles          Average speed: 19.3          Podium Finishes:

Christmas Tree Ln/North:  Cory Hartman (1st) Spencer Zimmerman (2nd) Wes Sowers

Sycamore climbs: Wes Sowers (1st) Cory Hartman (2nd) Kevin Wohlford (3rd)

Stones sign sprint: Bill Hauber (1st) Cory Hartman (2nd) Spencer Zimmerman (3rd)

March 29th    Distance: 42.6 miles          Average speed: 20.9          Podium Finishes:

Zig-zags:  Cory Hartman (1st) Wes Sowers (2nd) Spencer Zimmerman (3rd)

Underpass on Barstow:  Cory Hartman (1st) Wes Sowers (2nd) Bill Hauber (3rd)

Stones sign:  Wes Sowers (1st) Bill Hauber (2nd) Cory Hartman (3rd)

March 15th    Distance:39.2 miles           Average speed:  20.7        Podium Finishes:

Barstow sprint:   Bill Hauber (1st) Cory Hartman (2nd) Kent Johnson (3rd)

Sycamore climbs: Cory Hartman (1st), Bill Hauber (2nd) Dan Fox (3rd)

Stones sign sprint:   Bill Hauber (1st) Cory Hartman (2nd), Kent Johnson (3rd)

Hammerhead rides leave every Wednesday evening from the parking lot near the Lighthouse on Beacon Harbor Parkway in East Moline.  Contact Kevin Wohlford for information.


2022 Race Results For QC Area Racers


The third and final time trial race of the 2022 season was held on Sunday morning at Cordova, Illinois. This race was a 20k TT.  The weather was warm with overcast skies and calm winds.  One woman and seven men raced the course. Today’s best time was a blazing fast 27:23 by racer Francis Manfred, visiting from Indiana.  Thanks to Grace Hill for helping with timing the race.

Francis Manfred 58 27:23:00
Wes Sowers 43 27:51:00
Cory Hartman 36 28:34:00
John Grice 63 31:24:00
Pete Hill 53 33:52:00
Richard Shryack 61 34:46:00
Mark Jerson 64 41:19:00
Anita Hocker 59 41:23:00

QCBC Race Series - Leaderboard
Cory Hartman 20
Kevin Rose 14
Mitchel Jankowski 11
Wes Sowers 11
Aaron Deutchman 10
Francis Manfred 10
Spencer Zimmerman 6
William Hauber 6
Matt Jackson 5
Joe Buikema 5
Tie (3) 3
Tie (5) 2
Tie (13) 1
Anita Hocker 30
First Place 10
Second Place 5
Third Place 3
Participate 1


Kent Johnson at the Rock ‘n’ Rail Criterium in Fort Dodge last Saturday  finished 3rd in the Cat 5 race.  Congratulations, Kent!


The Sakari Road Race, which is also the “Iowa Road Race Championship” included four  riders:  Cory Hartman, Joe Buikema ,  Aaron Duetchman, and me, Kevin Wohlford. 


Cory Hartman  finished 8th in a big Cat 5 field sprint. 

Joe Buikema finished  3rd in the Masters 60+

Aaron Duetchman won the Men's Cat 4

Kevin Wohlford  won the Masters 60+




Kevin Wohlford made the podium  (3rd) in an 8-man sprint in the Masters 60+ race of the Des Moines GP Criterium.  It was a fun day of racing,  I wish more you could have joined me.

Road Race June 26th, 2022

The second road race of the season took place on June 26, 2022 with 11 riders taking the start. Temperatures were moderate but 15-20 mph winds out of the NW made for some challenging headwind sections. The race consisted of 3 laps over a 20-mile circuit that contained several tough climbs each lap including a decisive climb in the last mile. The lead group dwindled to 7 riders before breaking apart up the last climb where a breakaway rider was caught just before the finish by three riders who would contest the sprint. Aaron Deutchman took top honors, followed by William Hauber and Wes Sowers.


 Video of finish at June 20th Road Race by Kevin Rose:      June 26th Road Race Finish

2022 Jun 26 Racers

QCBC Race Series - Leaderboard

Cory Hartman


Kevin Rose


Mitchel Jankowski


Aaron Deutchman


Spencer Zimmerman


Wes Sowers


William Hauber


Matt Jackson


Joe Buikema


Tie (6)


Tie (12)



First Place


Second Place


Third Place




Left to right:  Hauber, Deutchman, Sowers                            L/R:  Spencer Zimmerman, Wes Sowers, Cory Hartman, William Hauber, Aaron Deutchman, Mitchell Jankowski, Tim Jansen, Nick Voth, & Kent Johnson   

Orion Road Race- May 22, 2022

The first road race of 2022 was held in Orion, IL.  The racers were 14 men and one woman.  The course was 36 miles long over many hills and long flat sections.  About 6 miles in the pack started to split up as the leaders were setting a very fast pace. At mile 10 Cory Hartman made an attack and raced away from the group.  With a tailwind he was soon reaching speeds of 30+ mph.  Hartman was able to maintain his lead for the next 16 miles, but was eventually caught by a hard working group at mile 26.  A reformed group of 6 kept a fast pace through the remaining miles.  At the last few hundred yards, Hartman again took the lead and finished 1st.  Spencer Zimmerman and Wes Sowers came across the line just inches apart, with Zimmerman placing 2nd and Sowers 3rd.  Our Women’s leader was Anita Hocker.

Finishers (not in order of finish): Mark Jerson, Nick Voth, John Grice, Ben Lloyd, Kevin Rose, Dave Haussler, Dave Kealey, Kevin Wohlford, Karl Jahns, William Hauber, Kent Johnson.

QCBC Race Series Standing For May 2022
Spencer Zimmerman - Cory Hartman- Wes Sowers                  Race Participants

Indoor racing season (ZWIFT) to begin shortly.  The club will have three teams competing this winter.

2021 Final Results QCBC Time Trials & Road Race
Can be found in the digital library.
2021 Club Racing Results